Under New Management!

Under New Management!

Dear customers,

after nearly six years of operating Laura's Little Boutique shops, Kapop Oy, the Finnish company has decided to focus on wholesale and marketplace operations. As a result of this Laura's Little Boutique shops are now operated by new owner in Europe. The new company, Laura's Little Boutique Europe Ltd, is taking over and will be responsible for the store's operations in the future.

The transfer will bring in some small, and some bigger, changes, as we will no longer have access to Kapop Oy's warehouse in Finland and also most of the backend systems will change.

We will be making some systems changes and updates at the end of July and there may be some temporary service interruptions.

All future European shipments will be shipped from our warehouse in Italy. There will be also some changes to the product selection.

More on those, our plans for the future and also who we are in the near future.

Laura's Little Boutique Europe Ltd


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