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Pomme-Pidou traditional rag doll Steffi. 40 cm

29.95 €
*Pomme-Pidou traditional rag doll Steffi, 40 cm* 


Marvelous, high quality, traditional rag dolls made by Belgian Pomme-Pidou. If you want an cut above the rest, traditional rag doll, then these are the right choice, Dolls are shipped in their own small Pomme-Pidou garment bag, that protects dolls during storage and helps the doll to keep it's original beauty,


Pomme-Pidou dolls are seasonal products, so not all of them are necessary available all the time and may not be available once stock has finished, If you want a certain doll, it's advisable to order it at once 

  • Height 40 cm
  • Age recommend 3+ 
  • Packaged in a stylish gift bag

(Stand shown in the picture is not included)

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